ABOUT CONCETTA ~ Fantasy Artist and Illustrator

Concetta is a multi-talented freelance artist, illustrator and designer. Currently she lives in Pennsylvania with her two children, two dogs and two himalayan cats.

What she says about her experiences:

My family is a great source of inspiration and encouragement to me. They are very supportive of the insanely crazy hours I keep and do their best to help promote me and give me new ideas. We are blessed to live out in the country. There is so much inspiration in nature and being outdoors. It widens your perspective.

Painting is my passion and I love to bring a little piece of my imagination to everyone through my art. Sometimes they are quirky little owls and other times a realistic horse portrait - whatever seems to strike me at the moment...I just run with it.
I work in both digital design and traditional painting including graphite, watercolor, acrylics, colored pencil, and mixed media.

I  love an array of styles from fantasy, realistic, whimsical, pet portraits, and animal and wildlife art. I don't like being bound to one area. My mind is much more at ease exploring, dabbling, and trying new artistic adventures.

I was born and raised in the Endless Mountains in Pennsylvania. What a beautiful place to grow up too! I have had the opportunity to live in several states and every time I would come back here to visit the beauty of the mountains, whether it was in the spring where everything looked new and green, or in the fall when the vibrant colors of the leaves could be seen everywhere, this place would just take my breathe away. So, here I am back in Pennsylvania, enjoying my home, studio, and life with two wonderful children, two Sphynx cats and two dogs. Picking up a pencil at the age of three I never stopped. Specializing in fantasy and animal art, I like to share with others a little piece of my world…my imagination. It is such a gift to be able to create and bring something to life on a piece of paper. II had the greatest blessings being able to grow up with such a supportive family who always encouraged me as I would draw and paint. My mother, my greatest encouragement would never let me say, “I can’t.” She always believed if I tried hard enough I could do anything. And she was right. I am here still trying, still growing as an artist. I have always been drawn to fantasy art and illustration. There is so much beauty in the array of colors and imagination behind the genre that I am awestruck. I love painting fairies and fae just as much as I love painting horses and other animals. I don’t like to be limited in my artwork. I just go with whatever is guiding me and calling to me at that moment and run with it. One of my newest loves over the last couple years is owls…what a hoot they are to paint. I love painting little cheerful owls, all unique with their own personalities, showing their emotions, seasons, or little whatnots on their bellies. These are my biggest sellers and have become quite a fad. You can find many of my owl prints and merchandise on my Etsy Store. My art is usually painted in watercolor, pen and ink, and acrylics, but I don’t like to be limited in my process and also have gained a love for digital art and illustration also. Over the last handful of years I have been blessed to have others love my paintings and encourage me to keep creating and have been licensed with several companies for my art in rubber stamps, digi stamps, tags and tubes, and cross stitch just to name a few. You can also find my art available for purchase on My Zazzle Store, Greeting Card Universe, and many other sites for viewing. I have always wanted to design greeting cards and children’s books and I have been so blessed to be able to do just that. My first children’s book has just launched on iTunes! You can check it out Here! In closing, I want to thank you all for stopping by, taking the time to read this and view my art. ~Concetta



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